Hello friend!

Welcome to my little cooking corner! My name is Mihai and I'm behind these delicious ideas that you can find all over the blog.

I live in an incredibly beautiful country, called Romania (just google "Romania sights" to get a glimpse of what amazing things await you), that inspires me everyday. I've created this blog with the idea of sharing what I cook when I'm hungry and I like the way things are going with it. Hope you'll have a great time around here!

Why I blog

Running a food blog is not at all an easy job, so why bother with it? Well, many awesome reasons, like:

- sharing delicious recipes with other food lovers all around the world

- helping others start their own food blog

- helping people that are new to the kitchen, by providing simple and easy to do recipes

These are just a few of many. If you would like to learn more, surf through my little blog and find out what I'm up to.

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