How to Add a Pinterest Button for Your Images

How to Add a Pinterest Button for Your Images

You might have seen this feature on my blog or on other blogs and might be wondering… why would people add another Pinterest button to a post if they already have a social sharing bar or buttons at the bottom or top of the post?

Let me share my view on this. Besides the fact that it looks cool and it makes your pages more dinamic, it also improves a lot the functionality. Think about it, you go to a blog and see a post with lots of images and maybe you only like two of them and want to pin only those two. You scroll all the way down or up to find the social sharing bar and when you finally find it and decide to click on the Pin button a window crowded with thumbnails appears and you’re just like “are you kidding me?”.

That’s where this nifty Pinterest button that appears only when you hover an images comes into play. You like an image in a post, it’s right in front of you, you move the mouse over it and voila. Not only is the Pin button there, but if you click it a pop-up appears with that exact same image pre-selected. I think it is helpful both for your readers because they can pin right away what they like and for you because you get more visits from their pins.

So let’s get our hands dirty and make this button come true.

For WordPress

How to Add a Pinterest Button for Your Images

Yes, there is a plug-in for this. It is called Pinterest Pin It Button For Images.

1. Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add new

2. Search for Pinterest Pin It Button For Images. It should be the first search result.

3. Click on Install Now and then on Activate Plugin.

4. Go to Settings > Pinterest Pin It. Under the Show “Pin It” button on following pages header check “All pages” or wherever you want the button to appear.

And that’s it! You are all done.

For Blogspot

How to Add a Pinterest Button for Your Images

If you are on Blogspot there is an easy to do tutorial on how to implement a widget such as the one above on your blog. Check it out here!

What do you think?

So what do you think about this new trend with the Pinterest button that appears when you hover over the images? Do you feel it is too aggresive or do you see it as a helpful tool that makes your pinning easier? What are your thoughts?

If you enjoyed this article and think it is a great tool for others pin away the images in this post to spread the word around.

Also you can follow me on Pinterest so we can enjoy food photos together.

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  1. I do not see the pinterest pin it button from my dashboard.. help please!

    • Hey Brandi. It should be in the menu that appears when you hover your mouse over the Settings button in your Dashboard.

      Best regards,

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