How to Peel and Slice Tomatoes

How to Peel Tomatoes

I know peeling a tomato and slicing it into small pieces can be a horrifying experience if you never did it before, so to help you out I’ve made this little how to guide. Believe me it’s an easy thing to do, just stick to the steps below and you’ll have the perfect tomato cubes when you’re done, that you can use maybe to make a salad or a salsa.

1. With the help of a knife make two small perpendicular incisions on the bottom of the tomato.

How to Peel Tomatoes

2. Place the tomato in a heat proof bowl and pour boiling water on it, until covered or almost covered. Leave the tomato there for about 10 to 15 seconds. Don’t leave it more than this, because it will start to cook and become mushy.

How to Peel Tomatoes

3. With the help of a spoon take the tomato out and leave it to cool for a couple of minutes. If you don’t have the time to wait place it in another bowl that’s filled with cold water.

4. Using a knife or your fingernails gently remove the skin off the tomato. It should come off easily.

How to Peel Tomatoes

5. Cut the tomato into four equal pieces. With the help of a knife remove the seeds from the pulp. You can also do this with a spoon.

How to Remove Seeds from Tomatoes

6. Place one piece on the cutting board with the inner part facing down and start cutting half a centimeter slices.

7. Slice the same way as in step 6 just on the other direction and you will end up with beautiful small tomato cubes.

How to Slice Tomatoes

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