May 2013 Income Report

May 2013 Income Report

I want to start this article with news about my latest project World in a Cupcake. It is up and running and we already received submissions! It feels so great to see that people enjoy your work and appreciate your ideas and I wish to thank everyone for all the support.

I especially wish to thank Sarah from My Chocolate Therapy and Jennifer from Milk and Honey for submitting the very first images on World in a Cupcake. Be sure to follow their blogs, they are great!

Now let’s get started with the actual Income Report.


1. Licensing images on microstock websites: $23.92
2. Google Adsense: $3.34
3. Bluehost: a big ZERO so far, but it will get better

A grand total of: $27.26


Traffic overview:

May 2013 Income Report Traffic

Traffic sources:

May 2013 Income Report

This was actually my second best month since I started Simply yum and I really can’t believe it went so well. Even thought the numbers are still in the 4 digit zone I’m really happy to see that I got so much traffic, considering the fact that I had fewer posts than other months.


BlogHer Ad Network

I’m sure you’ve heard of them. I applied last month and after a few short days I got a response with the confirmation that my blog was accepted in their ad network and that it was added on a waiting list. Okay?

I’m not really sure what that meant. So I opened a browser, I entered the mighty Internet and the only thing I could find is that there is a 45 day waiting list. What happens after those 45 days? I’m not sure. I’m still waiting to see.

If you know something, or know someone that knows something I’m very curious and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Helping people

As I said in the April 2013 Income Report I wish to help others. I have learned so many great things the last few weeks while working on World in a Cupcake and I really want to share this info with you. So stay in touch and have a great day!


  1. Happy to be among the first to take advantage of this great platform! Wonderful work, Mihai!

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